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To solve the customer problem of having to wait for the reports, [x]cube helped Dr. Lal PathLabs leverage machine learning to predict the estimated time of Report, including the estimated time of various phases of the lab testing and exceptional delays. Blend of technology and customer centricity at its best!

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Pulsara enhanced treatment time outcome by improving communication and care coordination through the entire healthcare system. Using this application, users could share information like health data and pictures about patients with other intended healthcare staff, alert other healthcare users about patient arrival, and allow secure video calling.

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Enhance operational, clinical, and shared decision-making along the patient pathway with our digital healthcare services



  • Telemedicine: allows for patient treatment without site visit allowing better patient retention and expansive clinical trial cohorts.
  • Wearables and connected devices: continuous monitoring of biometrics such as activity, heart rate & glucose levels, allowing data capture relevant to the safety and efficacy of a product.
  • Mobile health solutions: rich source of collecting direct patient data through electronic diaries, electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) and more
  • Social media and online platforms: improve patient engagement and encourage trial enrollment

Health Insurance

  • Preventive care model: IoT devices for real-time monitoring of a customer’s parameters for timely interventions and avoiding health incidents in advance
  • Telemedicine: save costs by providing users convenient access to physicians from anywhere
  • Blockchain: enhance operational efficiency and improve sharing within stakeholder ecosystem by unifying customer records
  • Artificial Intelligence: Improve claims processing, fraud detection and enable faster payouts for customer satisfaction
Health Insurance
Medical Devices

Medical Devices

  • Data collection: As a healthcare company, collect your own health data from medical devices, including wearable technology
  • Eliminate manual intervention: Use AI/ML algorithms to create devices focused on diagnosis and eliminate the need for clinician review
  • Remote monitoring: Encourage routine checkups of customers through remote monitoring for home based care to save cost and time
  • Preventive care: Enable preventive care through early symptom diagnosis and treating the patient early

Pharma & Life Sciences

  • Supply chain management: Lower the cost of development by modernizing the manufacturing processes through predictive maintenance, remote monitoring and automated supply chain management
  • Real-time data monitor: Use real-time data gathering from clinical trials and patients to improve drug efficacy
  • Bolster sales and improve margins: equip sales rep with right digital tools to influence physicians and patients.
Life Sciences

Leverage Digital to Solve Problems

For well over a decade, we have helped leading enterprises transform and scale with successful digital solutions. We take care of end to end strategy, execution and support to ensure you build fast, save costs and drive results.

Mobile and Web

Mobile and Web

  • Telemedicine
  • Patient engagement
  • Appointment booking system
  • Personalized healthcare experience for patients

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

  • Early and faster detection of chronic diseases through body scans
  • Answer medical queries using AI-backed messaging and voice systems
  • Serve as digital therapists

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

  • Track patients, staff and inventories efficiently
  • Ensure availability of critical medical equipment
  • Real time monitoring of high-risk patients through wearables



  • Employee training- surgeons, staff, nurses.
  • Nurture social skills for children with autism
  • Early detection of critical diseases
  • Treatment of phobias

Big Data and analytics

Big Data and Analytics

  • Collect data from ongoing patient care, EHR, and other points in the patient journey
  • Predictive analytics
  • Reduce administrative costs through data-driven decision making

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COVID-19 Digital Pulse Survey


COVID-19 Digital Pulse Survey Results (US and North America)

With the COVID-19 pandemic making businesses around the world adapt to new ways of working, we decided to conduct a survey across USA and North America where business leaders were asked about the challenges they are facing and how important digital adoption is going to be for their organisations. Over 2 weeks, decision makers across key industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, automobile and more responded with insights that give us a good look at how a post COVID world is shaping up.

Check out our detailed infographic for all the answers and the level of priority being given to digital transformation by leading enterprises.



We have a proven track record in delivering successful and value-driven digital healthcare solutions

We have a deep understanding of healthcare dynamics with end-to-end services covering the entire workflow and practices. We have delivered over 50 world-class digital healthcare solutions for patient engagement, home monitoring systems, patient education apps, wellness & fitness applications and much more. We use our technical expertise across various areas such as mobile, cloud, IoT, analytics, wearables, AR and other enabling technologies to enhance the way the healthcare industry operates. Our proven track record has helped our clients increase patient flow, improve treatment outcomes, scale-up revenue and productivity and discover new models of healthcare delivery.

Find out how we can help you with your digital healthcare needs


Innovation opportunities in healthcare

In a challenging healthcare environment, we help digital healthcare companies to drive innovation and convert challenges into opportunities.

optimization of profits

Cut costs and optimizing profits through increased efficiency

By automating routine tasks, reducing workflows, providing virtual healthcare support, the companies are bringing down healthcare costs.

Improve accessibility

Improve accessibility and affordability

Remote doctor visits, AI doctors, remote monitoring, personal health apps are making healthcare accessible and affordable.

Customer expectations

Meeting customer expectations

Artificial Intelligence and deep learning, body scans have been shown to analyze CT scans up to 150 times faster than human radiologists. No more waiting upto weeks for results!

Digital transformation

Disrupt through digital transformation

Use technologies like RPA, AI, Virtual Reality and more for accurate diagnosis and treatment, improve with speed and quality and enhance the patient experience


Achieve cybersecurity

Leverage immutable and traceable features of blockchain and send records to anywhere within your secure environment without worrying about data corruption or tampering.

demand-supply of health professionals

Balance demand-supply of health professionals

Automate tasks and switch to technologies that could reduce workflow and eliminate bottlenecks that would otherwise consume a lot of time.


Accelerating innovation in healthcare: How COVID19 is shaping digital transformation in the healthcare industry

COVID-19 has served as an accelerator for a long overdue digital transformation in healthcare. While proven technological solutions became useful and mainstream in handling the current crisis to some extent, the need for more innovative use of technology also got a boost. Leaders in healthcare are leaving no stone unturned to leverage existing emerging technologies, explore innovative use cases and transform the way industry operates completely. The situation brought an avalanche of changes, disruption, and hope for a more effective, scalable and resilient healthcare infrastructure across the globe.

This article by [x]cube LABS talks about how COVID-19 has been an accelerator in driving this much awaited digital transformation in the industry and what a post-pandemic healthcare landscape would look like.


Our approach to building retail solutions that give you a performing edge

Before our engineers start solution development, we ensure that if required, we can take a step back and guide you through a comprehensive methodology in order and engage you to provide more clarity on what to do and how to go about it. Here’s how we do it:

Before our engineers start solution development, we ensure that if required, we can take a step back and guide you through a comprehensive methodology and engage you to provide more clarity on what to do and how to go about it. Here’s how we do it:

Our team of analysts and tech experts identify scope areas and opportunities for digital innovation based on your digital quotient and latest advancements in the retail industry in consultation with relevant stakeholders and decision-makers. It involves a quick study of your organization- understanding key business processes, products, current business models, key customer segments, digital penetration in the industry.

  • Participants from [x]cube: Team of digital analysts and tech experts
  • Participants from client: Offline participation on calls/web-ex meetings of relevant stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • Expected participation: 3-4 hours over a period of one week
  • Duration: One week
  • Expected outcome: 5-6 slides that highlight possible areas for innovation or identifies pain-points in the customer journey etc.

We conduct a workshop for participants from your company on digital business models, most practiced innovation frameworks, and methodologies to develop successful prototypes. The participants ideate, brainstorm on business challenges, pain points, and come up with few priority innovation projects related to the scope defined in the assessment phase.

  • Participants from [x]cube: Our digital evangelists and consultants
  • Participants from client: Innovation team and executive sponsors
  • Duration: Two days
  • Expected outcome: A clear project plan with critical activities, milestones along the timeline- next thirty days, quarter, and six months.

This is an ongoing phase where we will keep delivering prototypes and proof of concepts continuously. The key areas of innovation focus in this phase include customer experience and new product prototypes. As a part of innovation as a service, we bring innovation capabilities spanning a range of digital technologies such as - IoT, Augmented Reality, AI, Mobile, Machine learning, VR, and so on.

  • Area of focus: Customer experience and new product prototypes.
  • Expected outcome: prototypes every 6-8 weeks based on the demands of the client.

After comprehensive research and ideation, we build and ship an MVP and continue to scale up the product based on feedback. When it comes to innovation, the key to success is to learn the feasibility of a new product or idea, at rapid speed using minimum resources. We test our critical assumptions by making data-driven changes, conducting A/B tests and measuring customer behavior to validate the learning.

What makes us unique?

We’re among the first to adopt any new technology in order to gain a thorough understanding of how it works, where it can be implemented and the benefits that can be derived from it, before using it as a solution for our clients. Our team has delivered over 850 digital solutions across a range of verticals. We are AWS IoT certified and can optimize processes, scale-up revenue and productivity, glean insights from data to predict customer behavior patterns and help enterprises make more informed decisions.

Our results-driven engineering approach has resulted in measurable outcomes like a 20-30% reduction in emergency response for our client, Pulsara and also helped achieve over a million downloads for another renowned client, Advocare. Our deep understanding of healthcare dynamics with end-to-end services covers the entire workflow and practices, enabling us to create a sustainable healthcare environment that complies with HIPAA, HITECH Act, HITRUST and other critical regulations.

With our experience in digital technologies like mobile, social, cloud, big data & analytics, wearables, Internet of Things, and specialized services in digital business strategy and consulting, we can be your perfect partner in developing top-notch digital solutions.



Hear what our clients have to say

"[x]cube has transformed a traditional manufacturing company such as Spa Electrics into a software company. They have the skill and confidence to build the product you need"

Mathew Rust

Mathew Rust

Product Manager, Spa Electrics

"What we appreciate about [x]cube is how well they have collaborated with us and all their teams, UX/UI, Development and others have created the best possible experience for our customers"

Missi Freimark

Missi Freimark

Marketing head, Lansinoh

“[x]cube LABS has taken our product and worked on it as if it was their own, creating something that we had never envisioned before!”.



CEO of Titan International


Award Winning Digital Agency


Innovation Delivered for Global Enterprises


Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Digital Innovation Started

One of the biggest challenges facing the widespread adoption of digital healthcare is internal, organizational resistance to change due to lack of familiarity with digital technologies and the absence of a reliable roadmap and strategy that can guarantee a successful digital transformation. Additionally, some healthcare companies also lack insights into technologies that can work best for them, the expenses involved and the corresponding RoI which makes them skeptical.

Improved patient outcomes, cost containment, value-based care, increased revenue, optimized operations, data-driven decision making, better manpower management and competitive advantage are what companies primarily look at as benefits as they look up to digital transformation in healthcare.

How you interact with your patient right from their onboarding, during their treatment and post-service leading to retention, all of it constitutes patient engagement in healthcare. You can improve your patient engagement by leveraging solutions such as behavioral analytics, data-driven strategies, personalization at scale and continue enhancement.

Digital technologies have emerged as the key solution in bringing down the healthcare cost for both healthcare companies and patients. By automating routine tasks, reducing workflows, providing virtual healthcare support, predictive and preventive healthcare monitoring and more, the overall costs can be reduced significantly.

While there’s no limit to the number of benefits which healthcare can receive from digitization, some of the major benefits include cost cutting, process optimization, affordable treatments, manpower management, better customer experience and more.

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