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IoT Products Delivered for Global Enterprises:

Mann Hummel

A world leader in filtration devices, Mann+Hummel approached us to explore ways of improving their solutions and help them eliminate overheads. We zeroed in on IoT solutions as the technology of choice and augmented the devices with smart capabilities. This enabled the filters to carry out preventive maintenance, intelligently change operational patterns based on usage and gave the organisation the data they needed to understand user requirements and provide personalized solutions.

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A common name among DIY enthusiasts who swear by the brand’s power tools, wanted to present them on a digital platform which would help them reach more users and give them a simulation of their products and range of capabilities. We helped them create a feature-rich, interactive and immersive application that helped them acquire and retain more customers than ever.

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24 Fitness

BodybuggSP app integrates with 24 hour Fitness proprietary hardware device and works as a companion piece to the bodybuggSP Personal Calorie Management System. The app communicates with an armband device through Bluetooth protocol to receive data on calories burned, steps taken, activities and calories consumed from the website via a secured connection, over the air, to provide users real-time data on their device.

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A Range of Customised IoT Services

IoT is one of the core functional areas of [x]cube LABS and we have consistently delivered some of the most innovative iot solutions for our many customers. Our capabilities include:

Hardware Enhancements

Hardware/Firmware Enhancements

Making hardware / firmware changes to the products & ensure latest firmware OS & communication tech (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.)

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Building cloud connectivity to register devices, capture data, control device settings, etc.

Enhanced Products

New/Enhanced Products

Solutions to create new / enhanced product experiences (voice, screens, personalisation, automation, etc.)

Syncing Devices

Syncing Multiple Devices

Connect to other smart devices in customer's home to deliver even more novel product experiences

Securing IoT

Securing IoT

Right from the strategy stage, we plan IoT security measures at every stage of development to protect against data theft

Live ops

Live ops

We support IoT products with regular OTA updates which add new features as well as strengthen security

Advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics

Our proprietary data analysis tool uses advanced algorithms to dive deep into data and provide the right actionable insights for your business in a simple, intuitive interface

Customer Engagement Solutions

Customer Engagement Solutions

Our sophisticated in-house customer engagement and gamification platform ensures your customers get the best possible onboarding and product experience that keeps them hooked and drives great brand loyalty



How we approach IoT product development:


We believe a solution is successful only when it solves problems for users and helps the organisation expand their business as well. To that end, at the pre-production stage, we conduct thorough research on the overall strategy. How it can make life easier for end-users as well as how it can help you improve processes and reduce costs by achieving greater automation, eliminate overheads and more. The steps involve:

  • Research target market and gain thorough knowledge of what the users would want
  • Analyse market fit and expected ROI
  • Design meticulously detailed user journeys that'll hook and delight your customers
  • Explore ways in which the product can help you explore new lines of business
  • Detail a roadmap that clearly explains scalability, evolving it constantly and getting customers further invested


Our team of top-notch IoT developers who’ve been through stringent qualifying tests, ensure you never miss a deadline and our proprietary platforms and APIs facilitate accelerated development. Here’s what we do:

  • Adopt an agile model with DevOps methodology.
  • End to End integration
  • Seamless UX experience for device usability,standard protocols for data communication, AWS security
  • Build fast, release modules as PoCs, get feedback from test markets and iterate

Mobius Loop-Our Proprietary IoT Platform

We are proud to present Mobius Loop, a one-of-a-kind framework to ensure we build quick, yet robust, with the highest security standards. Salient features:

Mobius Loop

  • High Speed framework to build IoT applications
  • Facilitates building rich experiences on top of connected devices
  • Rapid development with a low-code approach
  • Enables real-time monitoring & tracking of devices
  • Follows a model-driven system UI template for development
  • Transforms customer experience and reinvents business models



We are a IoT development company that builds products delivering unprecedented value and helps our clients achieve significant traction:

Thinkx Technology

An innovative solution that combines IoT, Intelligent Analytics and Sensors to monitor motion events and send notification to customers if any motion is detected. The solution also allowed customers to create custom triggers and eliminate any false events captured by the camera.


Alere provided LVAD patients with systems in which data had to be fed regularly for monitoring health post operation. We augmented their products with smart capabilities and it became a tremendous success as patients reported vastly improved ease of use and convenience, boosting Alere’s sales as well as credibility.

Davis Instruments

We worked with Davis Instruments and improved their solutions to create specialized weather stations. Post release, the weather stations helped Davis double their sales and strengthen research on an all new line of smart products targeted at agriculture.

Start your innovation journey with us and test your idea through POC delivery every few weeks!

We partner with you for a calendar year and deliver prototypes at frequent intervals, allowing you to conduct multiple experiments to figure out the best direction for you, at a substantially lower cost. Our Internet of Things service will help you conceptualize, design and deploy innovative solutions across a range of verticals.


Get our comprehensive IoT landscape report

Internet of Things

Our landscape report takes an in-depth look at how IoT is transforming industries, all the stats, projections and areas of impact as we step into a new decade. Additionally, from our experience of delivering a large number of IoT Products, we've detailed the best practices to keep in mind while building IoT solutions. Consider this report the answer to every possible question you might have about the fascinating world of the Internet of Things!

  • In-depth perspective on everything IoT
  • Industry-wise overview
  • Development best practices
  • Securing IoT solutions
  • Technology deep dive



We Treat Your Products as our Own!

Hear from Kevin, CEO of Titan International, on how we leveraged IoT to take his connected product concept to reality.


We are the right choice for your IoT innovation needs. Here’s why.

We are a leader in enterprise IoT development services. With a team of 100+ IoT specialists and over 50 projects delivered for global enterprises, we have enabled organisations across 30+ industries to undergo successful digital transformation. Overall, our team has delivered over 850 solutions across a range of verticals and received 20+ international awards in UX design. We have over 100 APIs & frameworks facilitating quick go to market.

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We are a company specializing in end-to-end IoT consulting and execution

comprehensive skills

Comprehensive skills for every requirement: With core technical skills, field and deployment experience, and keen insights into technology usability and adoption, an end-to-end agency can ensure that you get your IoT initiative right in the first go


Innovation as a service: Innovate your way out of unique problems and accelerate your digital transformation journey by focusing on quick turnaround time on prototypes, minimum viable product, and more


Effective UI/UX: Focusing beyond what technologies to adopt, on how they should be adopted, an end to end agency can guide you on user needs and expectations, context awareness, simplified design and more


Different frameworks and methodologies: From design thinking to agile product development, you get to work with IoT teams that excel in different methodologies, thereby enabling not just rapid execution but also adherence to quality and security standards

Customer journey

Seamless customer journey: With insights into customer pain points and a sense of user friendly design, the customer journey is made effortless, thereby ensuring superior CX

Iterative Enhancements

Iterative enhancements: Through continuous support and maintenance, you can continue to enhance your product by rolling out frequent updates based on insights gathered from customer feedback and data collection across various touchpoints.

Top quality terms

Access to top quality teams: With a digital transformation partner, you get to hire a team that just gets it. From their vast experience of developing strategic products for companies across industries, you can rest assured of quality research and development across every phase, eliminating major overheads such as hiring and training teams on your own.


Connected Products

Not All Connected Products are ‘SMART’

A connected product can’t be called smart only because it is connected to the network and can exchange information if there’s nothing particularly intelligent about it. In the pursuit to create smart products, companies often end up implementing unnecessary functionalities in the name of being innovative and end up compromising on the real problem that needs to be customer-centric.

What we can learn from failed connected products?

In an attempt to make their products smarter, companies often deviate from the customer needs and fail. Find out why.



Hear what our clients have to say

"[x]cube has transformed a traditional manufacturing company such as Spa Electrics into a software company. They have the skill and confidence to build the product you need"

Mathew Rust

Mathew Rust

Product Manager, Spa Electrics

"What we appreciate about [x]cube is how well they have collaborated with us and all their teams, UX/UI, Development and others have created the best possible experience for our customers"

Missi Freimark

Missi Freimark

Marketing head, Lansinoh

“[x]cube LABS has taken our product and worked on it as if it was their own, creating something that we had never envisioned before!”.



CEO of Titan International


Award Winning Digital Agency


Innovation Delivered for Global Enterprises

Recognized by the Best!

[x]cube’s commitment to delivering high quality IoT standards has been recognized by the very best! We are an AWS certified delivery partner and have relationships with platforms such as Azure.

AWS certified


Everything you need to know to get your IoT initiative started

You can be sure about the right company only after a discussion with potential partners and once you are better acquainted with their style of work. However, to begin with, you can start with a basic hygiene check, have a look at their vertical market experience, check if they have the capacity to match the scope and size of your project, evaluate their scaling capabilities, their data security measures, client testimonials and timeliness in not just delivering projects but in adopting new technologies as well.

You need to ask yourself what are some of the major challenges you are facing currently. Are you struggling with problems such as:

  • Logistics
  • Overheads of manual tracking and monitoring
  • Coordination between 3rd Parties
  • High training and hiring costs
  • Losing ground to competitors
  • Losing customers
  • Others?

Once you’ve identified the pain points, consider the following advantages of adopting the technology, detailed in the next question.

A technology such as IoT can:

  • Create smarter warehouses by tightening supply processes and make logistics seamless
  • Track and provide updates on products/resources remotely, thereby removing manual intervention
  • Reduce dependence on third parties by eliminating processes
  • Enable you to save big on training and hiring with greater degree of automation
  • Help you reach out to customers even before they can with feedback for improvement and features. Great CX such as this drives retention like no other

Now ask yourself whether such benefits would help your business. If the answer is yes, you should definitely look into augmenting existing solutions with IoT capabilities or look to launch new IoT products. Of course, this is only the preliminary step. Once taken, you should ideally go for a comprehensive readiness assessment, technology evaluation and market fit analysis in collaboration with a digital transformation partner.

As detailed earlier, we firmly believe that the technology should be at the core of your product and not just an add on that provides few extra features. We look at not just creating an intelligent product with a greater degree of automation, but an entire ecosystem that enables you to upsell and cross sell services such as cloud storage, other connected products that complete the experience and more. As your customers get more invested in the ecosystem, you can look to launch new products and services that enhance CX, provide more features to make lives easier and gain customer loyalty for your brand.

While you can choose to make anything from a toothbrush to complex gadgets smarter, you need to consider if it will just be a gimmick or whether it can really benefit your customers in meaningful ways and help your business in ways stated above. If not, IoT will only make the product fancy and not actually beneficial. If customers or your business find no major advantage of investing in a connected product, the effort will most likely not be a successful one.

It can vary largely based on your requirements such as the features and functionalities, customization of visual elements, choice of platform, backend infrastructure and more. Here are some determinants which play a role in deciding the cost of IoT development:

  • Do you already have a connected product that needs improvement or is it an all new product you’re considering?
  • Do people have to log in? Does it require users to have profiles?
  • Do you have existing cloud infrastructure or need to set it up?
  • Hardware wise, do you have your own manufacturing facilities or will you need to source it from third parties?
  • What is the level of customization required in terms of UI/UX?
  • How many design elements do you require?

Only after a thorough assessment of the questions above, a final estimate could be given

While on-demand AWS instances can be expensive, you don’t have to necessarily pay for it. Here again, our proprietary cloud solution can take advantage of spot instances. Dynamically moving processes to spot whenever available with no impact on end users. This will enable you to bring down cloud expenses by as much as 80%

While we do not have our own hardware manufacturing units, we have tie-ups with reliable vendors who can provide quality hardware at reasonable prices.

Once we have gained a thorough understanding of your product, we will present a comprehensive list of data points you should be tracking to know various usage patterns, customer preferences and more

Yes, we have our proprietary analytics platform that’s feature rich and simple to integrate with your product. The state-of-the-art algorithms will do all the number crunching for you and the simple, yet comprehensive dashboard will present every insight you need to act upon.

Depending on the complexity of the solution, the time could vary between 16-24 weeks. Also to consider here is the fact that as a part of the development process, some companies follow recommended practices such as the delivery of PoC every few weeks and iterative enhancements on the way to ensure the delivery of a robust deliverable, which might extend the timeline, of course.

Of course. Release is only the beginning. We will continue working with you to improve the product with regular OTA updates, data-driven feature additions, upgrades to track more relevant data points, cloud performance and cost optimization and more.

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        We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party


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            We value your privacy. We don’t share your details with any third party