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Developing an entirely new digital revenue stream and business model for the Panini Group The world leader in the published collectible sector and one of the leading publishers of children’s magazines and books, Panini, a once entirely brick and mortar store, wanted to expand into the territory of digital and explore the innumerable opportunities that existed for them. We completely revamped their previous obsolete application and provided them a new mobile app that supported high-level functionalities, features, games and came with highly reliable security. The new application fetched them a 40% increase in average revenue per user and a 20% increase in paid users.

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Enhancing customer experience through digital engagement for leading toy manufacturer, Mattel World leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of toys and family products, Mattel launches their popular Monster High Doll line. Our results-driven engineering approach helped them build their digital strategy, transforming their engagement with the new-age, mobile loving audience. Today, when retailers are struggling to build engagement between the digital world and physical stores, we ensured that Mattel has a global strategy and solution in place that connects both the worlds, leveraging its existing distributor network and rich product line.


In-store customer tracking and engagement using AI and Machine Learning algorithms We developed the Quelk app for Retail Command Center (RCC) employees. The app helped users to conveniently find items for shopping based on algorithms that keep track of past purchases. Based on their shopping trends, customized coupons were generated. The app also allowed users to pay directly from their mobile phone, enabling them to bypass standing in line to discharge payment, which allows them to go straight to where their purchases can be verified. The minute a shopper walks into the store, the RCC would know how many times the customer has visited the store, what they’ve bought, and even what their cohorts who are also signed up on Quelk have purchased.

Current Retail Technology Landscape

The technologies that retailers are currently using (and spending on) reflect the omnichannel nature of today’s retail businesses. Systems that can help retailers track inventory and fulfill orders across multiple channels are becoming more critical as consumers engage with brands across a variety of touchpoints, often in a single purchase journey. The chart below reflects that trend, with inventory management systems, order management systems, and order fulfillment software the top choices among respondents.

Retail Technologies

The various uses of AI across a retail organization (e.g., marketing, supply chain, merchandising, customer service, among others) have made it the technology that retailers believe will have the biggest impact on the industry

Retail Technologies

Technologies we can leverage to transform your business

We have helped leading retailers scale and harness the power of innovation, emerging technologies and analytics through our successful digital solutions and enabled them to deliver a dynamic and unified commerce approach to sales, mobility and productivity.

We have leveraged technologies like mobile, cloud, analytics, wearable, extended reality, AI and IoT to build connected stores that integrate operations, products and customers.

IoT and sensors

IoT and sensors

  • Automated checkout: Use sensors to create a checkout system that can tally the items up and automatically deduce cost from customers’ mobile payment app
  • Personalized discounts: Set up sensors around the store that send loyalty discounts to certain customers when they stand near specific products with their smartphones
  • Beacons for sending alerts: Use beacons to send alerts to passersby and sending them personalized push notifications
  • Improve retail layout: Use aisle-analytics software and infrared sensors to improve your retail layout.
  • Track product environment: Check in real-time if a product is kept at temperatures that are too low or too high, avoiding a substantial loss.


  • Counterfeit tracking: Assign a unique scannable code or label to each product and allow your customers to access the entire history of that product from the country of origin to the final reseller
  • Food tracking: Enable customers to track the source of their food and whether they’ve been grown organically, with blockchain solutions
  • Centralized database: Maintain a central database that is more resilient and less tamper-proof
  • Customer data management and privacy: With a blockchain data-sharing system in place, your customers could let you know about their needs and preferences, sending you shopping lists in the form of smart contracts


  • Recommendation engines: Bring consumers’ attention to items they are unlikely to discover on their own
  • Inventory management and demand planning: Leverage insights generated by machine learning algorithms and make more informed decisions when ordering stock
  • Root cause analysis: Get a more informed analysis of exactly what went wrong when dealing with anomalies such as incomplete data or lapses in communication, and pinpoint exactly where each of these failures happened along the supply chain through machine learning algorithms
  • Route planning: Use machine learning in route planning and reduce the last mile problem in retail

Virtual & Augmented reality

  • Indoor navigation- Help your customers navigate through the aisles to a particular shelf using AR
  • Display advertising: You can reuse the physical space to display personalized ads in your existing outlets
  • Customer analysis: With AR glasses, you can track user engagement metrics and their focus times. You can track your customer’s paths and the way they navigate around the store.
  • Employee training: Conduct virtual training that requires real-life environments, where employees can be trained safely, while responding to various scenarios, like operating a conveyor belt, driving forklift trucks or helping customers to find a particular product.
Augmented Reality

Featured Resources

Retail and CPG


Transformation of Retail and CPG Through Digital Technology

A comprehensive guide

Our report explores the evolving consumer landscape and the current challenges being faced by retailers and CPG manufacturers, and how they can tackle these challenges using leading technologies.

With our expertise in Digital Transformation, we've detailed the best practices to keep in mind while building solutions. Consider this report the roadmap towards the digital transformation solution you are looking for.



Building Your Ecommerce Portal

A weekly planner

Retailers who are willing to establish an ecommerce channel usually encounter several roadblocks along the way. Many of them get held up in the initial stage itself, not knowing where to start from. Hence, we’ve put together this free weekly planner for you to get a better understanding of the process and execute it with ease while following the best practices.


Ecommerce Portal

Transitioning brick and mortar establishments to Ecommerce

Our design driven approach to building state of the art ecommerce portals backed by our very own IPs enables us to deliver excellence that drives growth and revenues.

Seamless Shopping experience

Seamless Shopping experience

  • B2B & B2C commerce
  • Mobile and web commerce
  • Erp integration
  • Sales and ad-channel integration

Blockchain Capabilities

Blockchain Capabilities

  • Hyperledger integration
  • Market place auctions & reverse bidding
  • Sales & discounts
  • Transfer of ownership

Efficient operations

Efficient Operations

  • Business intelligence
  • Logistics management
  • Inventory management
  • Order management

Rewards and Loyalty

Rewards and Loyalty

  • Reward points to drive web & mobile traffic
  • Loyalty and retention
  • Coupon management

Customer Support

Customer Support

  • Incident management leveraged for service booking
  • Order replacements

Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture

  • Global multi site onboarding
  • Cloud deployment for performance and scale
  • 1000 concurrent orders per second

Building unique portals on promising platforms



As of 2020, more than 250,000 active ecommerce sites are powered by Magento. This accounts for around 12% of all online stores. Merchants using Magento grow 3 times faster, on average.

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The leader in WordPress ecommerce, it is an open-source, fully customizable platform powering over 28.19% of all online stores. 22% of the top 1 million ecommerce sites use WooCommerce.

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Our proprietary solutions that give you an additional advantage



An omnichannel digital orchestration platform that integrates digital & transactional data, to provide actionable intelligence on user segments and gamify experiences creating engagement across all digital touchpoints.

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Glider Terminal

Glider Terminal

A comprehensive and seamless suite of digital solutions which include store displays, camera analytics, customer applications, e-commerce, kiosk and sales applications working in cohesion with Upshot to provide a unique customer experience.

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The Design Advantage

Most e-retailers or retailers looking to transition online overlook the design aspect during the development of their online store. At [x]cube LABS, we work with design at our core, developing ecommerce portals that

  • Create the right first impression
  • Are highly mobile responsive
  • Provide superior CX
  • Highly engage customers
  • Are easy to navigate
  • Convert and retain more
  • Establish credibility
  • Attract new customers
  • Make you stand out from the competition

Our approach to building retail solutions that give you a performing edge

We don’t just build solutions. We believe in maximizing value by hypothesizing, rapid prototyping and experimentation. Developing a product/ solution is all about solving an existing real world problem. But merely solving the problem isn’t enough. We believe that one needs to think about how they can improve user experience across all stages.

Before our engineers start solution development, we ensure that if required, we can take a step back and guide you through a comprehensive methodology and engage you to provide more clarity on what to do and how to go about it. Here’s how we do it:

Our team of analysts and tech experts identify scope areas and opportunities for digital innovation based on your digital quotient and latest advancements in the retail industry in consultation with relevant stakeholders and decision-makers. It involves a quick study of your organization- understanding key business processes, products, current business models, key customer segments, digital penetration in the industry.

  • Participants from [x]cube: Team of digital analysts and tech experts
  • Participants from client: Offline participation on calls/web-ex meetings of relevant stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • Expected participation: 3-4 hours over a period of one week
  • Duration: One week
  • Expected outcome: 5-6 slides that highlight possible areas for innovation or identifies pain-points in the customer journey etc.

We conduct a workshop for participants from your company on digital business models, most practiced innovation frameworks, and methodologies to develop successful prototypes. The participants ideate, brainstorm on business challenges, pain points, and come up with few priority innovation projects related to the scope defined in the assessment phase.

  • Participants from [x]cube: Our digital evangelists and consultants
  • Participants from client: Innovation team and executive sponsors
  • Duration: Two days
  • Expected outcome: A clear project plan with critical activities, milestones along the timeline- next thirty days, quarter, and six months.

This is an ongoing phase where we will keep delivering prototypes and proof of concepts continuously. The key areas of innovation focus in this phase include customer experience and new product prototypes. As a part of innovation as a service, we bring innovation capabilities spanning a range of digital technologies such as - IoT, Augmented Reality, AI, Mobile, Machine learning, VR, and so on.

  • Area of focus: Customer experience and new product prototypes.
  • Expected outcome: prototypes every 6-8 weeks based on the demands of the client.

Our experience suggests that when it comes to innovation, the key to success is to learn the feasibility of a new product or idea, at rapid speed using minimum resources. We test our critical assumptions by making data-driven changes, conducting A/B tests and measuring customer behavior to validate the learning. Experimentation enables us to improve upon the value that has already been developed, to make the customer experience more delightful.

Highlighted Work

We build products that deliver unprecedented value and help our clients achieve significant traction

Wasel Delivery

Wasel Delivery

Wasel Delivery is a platform that enables customers to order anything across Bahrain. We developed their ecommerce platform which caters order & delivery of products and services of anything that one could wish for. It’s a convergence of an on-demand mobile app delivery service under one umbrella. Customers could order from supermarkets, high street stores, shopping malls and many others and also track delivery on the go with interactive maps.

Health Folks

MNR Datamight - Health Folks

We worked with Health Folks on building their ecommerce portal - a one stop solution for all prescribed medicines and over the counter products. Through the website and native mobile application for users can order and track medicines and other healthcare products and devices. The portal also enabled users to manage all their prescriptions at one place.

Start your innovation journey with us and test your idea through POC delivery every few weeks!

We partner with you for a calendar year and deliver prototypes at frequent intervals, allowing you to conduct multiple experiments to figure out the best direction for you, at a substantially lower cost. Our service will help you conceptualize, design and deploy innovative solutions across a range of verticals.



We are the right choice for your retail innovation needs. Here’s why.

We’re among the first to adopt any new technology in order to gain a thorough understanding of how it works, where it can be implemented and the benefits that can be derived from it, before using it as a solution for our clients. Our team has delivered over 850 digital solutions across a range of verticals. We are AWS IoT certified and can optimize processes, scale-up revenue and productivity, glean insights from data to predict customer behavior patterns and help enterprises make more informed decisions.

With our experience in digital technologies like mobile, social, cloud, big data & analytics, wearables, Internet of Things, and specialized services in digital business strategy and consulting, we can be your perfect partner in developing top-notch digital retail solutions.



What to expect

Consulting expertise

Consulting and execution expertise combined

With core technical skills, field and deployment experience, and keen insights into technology usability and adoption, an end-to-end agency can ensure that you get your retail transformation initiative right in the first go

Innovation as a Service

Innovation as a

Innovate your way out of unique problems and accelerate your digital transformation journey by focusing on quick turnaround time on prototypes, minimum viable product, and more

Access to top quality teams

Access to top
quality teams

With a digital transformation partner, you get to hire a team that just gets it. From their vast experience of developing strategic products for companies across industries, you can rest assured of quality research and development across every phase, eliminating major overheads such as hiring and training teams on your own.



Focusing beyond what technologies to adopt, on how they should be adopted, an end to end agency can guide you on user needs and expectations, context awareness, simplified design and more

frameworks and methodologies

Different frameworks
and methodologies

From design thinking to agile product development, you get to work with digital transformation teams that excel in different methodologies, thereby enabling not just rapid execution but also adherence to quality and security standards

Seamless Customer journey

Seamless customer

With insights into customer pain points and a sense of user friendly design, the customer journey is made effortless, thereby ensuring superior CX

Iterative enhancements


Through continuous support and maintenance, you can continue to enhance your product by rolling out frequent updates based on insights gathered from customer feedback and data collection across various touchpoints.


The Retail Transformation Landscape Through Digital Technology in 2020 under 2 minutes

In this video, we have listed a set of challenges that retailers across the globe are currently facing and how they can overcome these obstacles by innovating and transforming into an enterprise that is future ready. We further talk about 4 emerging digital technologies in retail and their use cases.


Hear what our clients have to say

"[x]cube has transformed a traditional manufacturing company such as Spa Electrics into a software company. They have the skill and confidence to build the product you need"

Mathew Rust

Mathew Rust

Product Manager, Spa Electrics

"What we appreciate about [x]cube is how well they have collaborated with us and all their teams, UX/UI, Development and others have created the best possible experience for our customers"

Missi Freimark

Missi Freimark

Marketing head, Lansinoh

“[x]cube LABS has taken our product and worked on it as if it was their own, creating something that we had never envisioned before!”.



CEO of Titan International


Award Winning Digital Agency


Innovation Delivered for Global Enterprises


Everything you need to know to get your retail transformation initiative started

You can be sure about a development company only after a discussion with potential partners and once you are better acquainted with their style of work. However, to begin with, you can start with a basic hygiene check, have a look at their vertical market experience, check if they have the capacity to match the scope and size of your project, evaluate their scaling capabilities, their data security measures, client testimonials and timeliness in not just delivering projects but in adopting new technologies as well.

You need to ask yourself what are some of the major challenges you are facing currently. Do you think problem you are trying to solve will be effectively addressed if your solution can

  • Acquire new customers in the current business model who were unaware of your brand earlier while retaining existing customers
  • Find new ways to engage customers at different touchpoints transforming their shopping experience and inducing customer delight
  • Enable you to tap into newer channels that your current and potential customers are using
  • Provide valuable insights that were previously unattainable which can increase efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Address your customers’ safety concerns and comfort standards
  • Reduce the stress on your supply chain and enable it to keep up with growing demand

Once you’ve identified the pain points, consider the following advantages of adopting digital technologies detailed in the next question.

Integrating digital technologies with your business can:

  • Open up new opportunities to expand your business to a previously untapped segment
  • Help you operate on newer channels where your consumers are already present
  • Generate tons of data to improve your marketing efforts and decision making
  • Increase engagement with customers post purchase and ensure they return
  • Provide a superior customer experience and induce customer delight increasing loyalty and retention
  • Identify trends and patterns and be better prepared by strengthening your supply chain and inventory.
  • Provide a personalized experience to customers showing them that you are completely invested in them

Now ask yourself whether such benefits would help your business. If the answer is yes, you should definitely look into integrating your business processes and practices with the latest digital technology or look to launch new digital products or solutions. Of course, this is only the preliminary step. Once taken, you should ideally go for a comprehensive readiness assessment, technology evaluation and market fit analysis in collaboration with a digital transformation partner.

It can vary largely based on your requirements such as the features and functionalities, customization of visual elements, choice of platform, backend infrastructure and more. Here are some determinants which play a role in deciding the cost of development:

  • Do you already have a digital product or solution in place that needs improvement or is it an all new product or service you’re considering?
  • Do people have to log in? Does it require users to have profiles?
  • Do you have existing cloud infrastructure or need to set it up?
  • Hardware wise, do you have your own manufacturing facilities or will you need to source it from third parties?
  • What is the level of customization required in terms of UI/UX?
  • How many design elements do you require?

Only after a thorough assessment of the questions above, a final estimate could be given.

While on-demand AWS instances can be expensive, you don’t have to necessarily pay for it. Here again, our proprietary solution can take advantage of spot instances. Dynamically moving processes to spot whenever available with no impact on end users. This will enable you to bring down cloud expenses by as much as 80%

While we do not have our own hardware manufacturing units, we have tie-ups with reliable vendors who can provide quality hardware at reasonable prices.

Once we have gained a thorough understanding of your product/service, we will present a comprehensive list of data points you should be tracking to know various usage patterns, customer preferences and more

Yes, we have our proprietary analytics platform that’s feature rich and simple to integrate with your product. The state-of-the-art algorithms will do all the number crunching for you and the simple, yet comprehensive dashboard will present every insight you need to act upon.

Depending on the complexity of the solution, the time could vary between 16-24 weeks. Also to consider here is the fact that as a part of the development process, some companies follow recommended practices such as the delivery of PoC every few weeks and iterative enhancements on the way to ensure the delivery of a robust deliverable, which might extend the timeline, of course.

Of course. Release is only the beginning. We will continue working with you to improve the product with regular OTA updates, data-driven feature additions, upgrades to track more relevant data points, cloud performance and cost optimization and more.

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